W Dryers (50-100)

W Dryers (50-100)
Carousel Plus Dehumidifying Dryers

Conair's Carousel Dryers just got better.  Dubbed the Carousel Plus - everything about this dryer is improved to help you stay profitable in a dramatically more competitive world market.  The product improvements are an extension of the legacy of the original, workhorse Carousel dessicant dryers.

Purchase this dryer and you will find that you have more control over drying dewpoint and temperature than ever before, in a package that is simpler, smaller, lighter, more energy efficient, easier to use and maintain than any other dryer on the market today.

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Maximum uptime, maximum reliability
  • Precise, adjustable dewpoint control
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Features (click here to hide)

State-of-the-Art Desiccant Rotor technology.

Rock steady dew point at - 40°C. No spikes.

Energy saving - Much lower cost due to lower regeneration.

Linear air flow across the surface area of rotor.

Tabular, low resistance wire heaters increase response time.

Audible and Visual alarm.

Display of return air temperature.

Operator password protection.

Easy and simple maintenance - minimal moving parts.

Precise (+/- 3 degree) adjustable dew point control (Option).

Temperature Setback to reduce energy consumption when machine throughput is reduced or stopped.

In built Return Air Aftercooler.

Even air/heat distribution throughout the dryer.

Insulated side wall maintain temperature at desired level.

Smooth interior surface.

Efficient drying with minimum down time.

Quick-clean design in drying hopper.

Large hinged doors for easy cleaning.

Removable spreader cones makes cleaning fast and easy.

Strip sight glass for viewing material level within the hopper.

Capabilities to offer Central dryer with multiple drying hoppers for multiple resin or quick change over of different material.

Uniform mass material flow ensure that each pellet is dried.

Options (click here to hide)

DC-1 Control

DC-2 Control

Volatile trap

Butter Fly Valve at Hopper outlet


Magnet drawer

Pneumatic Slide Gate Valve


Specifications (click here to hide)
Model W50 W75 W100
Performance characteristics (with full hopper)
Dry Air Quantity (M³/Hr) 50 75 100
Drive Power (kW) 0.4 0.4 0.75
Regeneration Heater (kW) 2 2 2
Total Connected Load (kW) 2.65 2.65 3
Dimensions  inches {mm}
A - Height 1788 1788 1788
B - Overall width 737 737 737
C - Depth 1100 1100 1100
Approximate weight (kg) 230 230 234