Dust Collectors (DC)

Dust Collectors (DC)
DC1 and DC2 Models

Conair Dust Collectors keep your plant free from air-born dust and fines and prevent dust from fouling the vacuum pump. 

A central vacuum dust collector allows dust filtration to take place at the floor level.  An air-tight collection container makes the removal of fines quick and easy.

Automatic filter cleaning is standard, lengthening the time between service requirements.  DC1 and DC2 models use an integrated "popper valve" to remove dust from the filter.

  • Easy, no tools emptying and servicing
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Tangential air/dust inlet
  • Flexible application
  • Simple maintenance
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Features (click here to hide)

How it works:

Dust-laden vacuum air enters the collector, where the spinning air stream separates most of the dust.  The oversized filter traps the remaining dust and collects the excess in the integrated canister.  The "popper" valve closes at the end of the conveying sequence, rapidly chaning the air pressure.  This shocks the filter clean and allows fined to drop into the collection canister.

The integrated dust canister releases easily for periodic emptying.  A single hand knob opens the lid for quick access to the filter cartridge.

Each model comes equipped with a free standard floor frame.  The stand may be removed for wall-mounting.  An auto dump option is available to automatically remove collected dust or to allow open dumping into other containers.

The DC1 and DC2 are sized to provide the right amount of filter area for the pump CFM and line size of the conveying system.


Options (click here to hide)

Auto-Dump Option: Automatically ejects the collected fines and dust at the conclusion of each vacuum cycle.  The dust collector can be placed over an open drum or
gaylord to receive fines.  An elevated frame is recommended, or the DC1 and DC2 Dust Collector bodies may be wall mounted.

Specifications (click here to hide)
Model DC1 and DC2 Model DC3
Models DC1 DC2
Performance Characteristics
Pump size range Hp {kW} 3-7.5 {2.2-5.6} 10-25 {7.5-18.7}
Vacuum line size OD  inches {mm} 1.5-2.5 {38.1-63.5} 2.25-4.0 {57.2-101.6}
Filter area  ft² {M²} 42.8 {4.0} 100.3 {9.3}
Maximum collection capacity  ft³ {liters} 1.1 {31.1} 2.1 {59.4}
Recommended dust collection  ft³ {liters} 0.75 {21.2} 1.0 {28.3}
Dimensions  mm
A - Height 1473 1701
B - Width 381 483
C - Depth 508 483
Installed Weight - kg 50 68
Compressed air requirement 80-120 psi {5.5-8.3 bars}