DuraLoad (DL) Series

DuraLoad (DL) Series
Vacuum Material Receivers

Conair DuraLoad vacuum receivers are the industry standard for trouble-free conveying of plastic pellets and regrinds. With more than 60,000 receivers installed worldwide, the DuraLoad answers the needs of processors who cannot afford to worry about the reliability of their material transfer systems. Available in either a hopper loading configuration with a discharge valve or direct feed models with a glass hopper, every DuraLoad may be outfitted to answer the needs of your operation with ratio loading capability, heavy duty wear plates, a choice of control voltages and many other options are also available.

  • Direct feed or hopper loading
  • Thick wall steel construction
  • Built-in sequencing valves
  • Modular components
  • Choice of control
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Features (click here to hide)

Rugged, reliable, all-purpose hopper loaders suitable for pellets and regrind material.

Provides a larger loader body, filter and vacuum motor for higher-volume conveying above 1000 kg/hr

Durable, powder coated steel construction.

Modular components, plug-in-connections, tool-less entry and a drop-in filter make this unit easy to maintain.

All DuraLoad series loaders incorporate a vacuum sequencing valve module right in the lid.

Full-featured control platform govern all aspects of loader including load time, material demands ratio and many other loading parameters.

Modular design on replacement of inlet/outlets connection sizes i.e. 2.5",3",4"

Easily configure with regenerative vacuum blower / positive displacement pump.

Easy to load virgin and regrind materials simultaneously.

Options (click here to hide)

Volume Fill Sensor

Material Valves

Ratio Valve

Common Line Valve

High-Performance Valves

Wear Plates


High-Heat Vacuum Lid

Stainless Steel Material Contact

Remote Demand Sensor

Positive Discharge Valve

Hopper Venting

Specifications (click here to hide)
Hopper Loading Gravity Discharge Hopper Loading Positive Discharge Direct Feed
 Receiver model  DL25
 Loader/Receiver volume Liters 85
Loader body diameter mm 635
 Material/Vacuum line size  mm {inch} 64-102 {2.5-4
 Vacuum blower size kW  7.5
Nominal throughput kg/hr     1200
Optional Automatic filter cleaning/Ratio valve/Positive discharge/Common line valve/fill sensor (remote capacitance sensor) / JIT hopper / Wear plate
Supply voltage 3 Ø,415 V
 Compressed air requirements      28.3 liters/min. @ 5.51 bars