TrueBlend™ TB100

TrueBlend™ TB100
Gravimetric Batch Blenders

Get accurate blends, better mixing, faster material changes and more profits with Conair's TrueBlend Series Blenders. Steep-sided component hoppers allow material to flow evenly and freely through respective vertical dispense valves into the weigh chamber. Efficient blend mixing assures full integration of all recipe ingredients. Fully enclosed cabinet design assures no pellet spillage and clean operation. Standard convenient features such as wide access doors on each main material compartment, quick access additive material bins, a hinged chassis access door and removable components in the mixing chamber reduce downtime during cleanout.


  • Blend accuracy to 1/2 of 1%
  • Easy-to-use control
  • Convenient, clean out
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Features (click here to hide)

Spot-on accuracy - Blend accuracy to 1/2 of 1%

Repeatable, consistent perfonnance job to job

Simple to use touch screen controls

Quick recall recipes gives repeatability you need

Improved accuracy on lower dosing percentages

Fast accurate response times

Enhanced algorithms provide better weight reading accuracy

Diagnostic screen displays target set-point percentage and actual percentage dispensed

Precision ratio control - all components

Instantly see your materials usage

Set and save 1000 different recipes

Simple component setup

Three different levels of password protection

Full color graphics aid usability

A completely sealed, welded steel chassis eliminates pellet leakage

Options (click here to hide)

Floor stand

TB reports

Material level alarm control

Drain chute

Air blow-off for mix chamber level sensor

Remote mixer demand sensor

Minor component flow restrictor

Dry air blanket

Specifications (click here to hide)
Side View Front View
Top View Control

Performance characteristics
Batch size (g) 1000
Maximum throughput rate (kg/hr) 161
Bin capacity - main ingredient (liter) 17
Bin capacity - minor ingredient (liter) 8
Maximum number of materials 4
Number/(size) of major bin valves 2 - (60 mm)
Number/(size) of minor bin valves 2 - (20 mm)
Supply voltage 220/50
Height (mm) 1145
Width (mm) 769
Depth (mm) 809
Weight (kg) 100